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Olive Oil Shampoo


Hair Care Olive Oil Shampoo  Lavender 250 ml

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Hair Care Olive Oil Shampoo  Lavender 

This unique liquid shampoo is based on virgin olive oil (more than 75% of the oils) with essential oils in order to nurture the head skin and improve the hair health. The shampoo is without SLS, fragrance (except for aromatic oils) and preservative. This shampoo needs adaptation of few days, for long hair, until it removes the residue from the chemicals of the commercial shampoos. For many user this shampoo is the solution, and end, for long years of itching scalp.

Ingredients – Water, Potassium Olivate, sodium Olivate, Potassium Cocoate, Potassium Castorate, Lavender (lavandula Angustifolia) Oil, rosemary oil, Calendula Extract, Geranium Maculatum Oil.

Special blend of extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil shampoo to treat your hair and scalp naturally and gently. The Natural olive oil shampoo is a great treat for the scalp and helped in improving many customers daily life, stop itching, hair lost and many other scalp health issues.

This shampoo is excellent cleansing while non drying treat for your scalp and hair. You will find your hair healthier and shiner with regular use.

It is very good for dry hair and scalp, sometimes you will  need some days to get used to it, especially with long hair.

Our Shampoo is made from vegetable oils only. The main ingredient is extra virgin olive oil, (Over 80% of the content of the oils). The shampoo is  very concentrated and Last for long time.

This Shampoo contains pure essential oils that are known to benefit the hair and scalp.

Rosemary  -for fresh and happy feeling.

Lavender and Geranium -  for disinfecting and soothing.

Calendula – The homeopathic  aid to help with Scalp issues.

Why is it important to use a natural shampoo?

 Foaming  - For so long we were accustomed to foaming shampoo. The main problem is that in order to get a thick foam, SLS or the like (Cocamide, SLES, etc.), must be used. Those materials are derived from Petroleum and their frequent use causes people who have a sensitive skin the following: dryness, redness, and skin problems like atopic dermatitis, itching and other skin problems.. On the other hand; our natural facial soap keeps the skin healthy and clean without drying it.

Olive Oil -   There‘s a lot of virgin olive oil in Shampoo, which is excellent for the scalp skin and for the hair and found in many studies as potent Anti-Aging element

Free from chemical and animal substances - Shampoo also doesn‘t contain animal substances, preservatives (parabens), boric acid or other substances suspected to be harmful.

Environment - With Environment in mind natural shampoo do not contain palm oil which involves tree cutting and wood damage, and substance which can harm the environment. Our Natural  Shampoo  is excellent for the planet and for grey water systems. We always try to shrink our ecological footprint in production and with packaging materials.


250 ml


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Olive Oil Shampoo

Olive Oil Shampoo

Hair Care Olive Oil Shampoo  Lavender 250 ml

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