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Multi Peptide Tightening Serum


Peptide Multi Peptide Tightening Serum Renew 35 ml

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Peptide Multi Peptide Tightening Serum Renew

The new generation of a multi-peptide preparation is designed to fight a range of problems and signs of aging in the skin: the decrease in firmness, changes in the contours of the face, and tiny wrinkles. The serum effectively fights the signs of age. It has a delicate texture and is easily absorbed. The serum has a promising double impact. It promotes an external mechanical lifting and also firms the deeper layers of the skin. The serum contains the hydrolyzed sesame protein, an ingredient which ensures rapid external firmness, and makes the skin smooth and elastic. It emphasizes and stabilizes facial contours and smoothes out wrinkles. The moisturizing effect and the feeling of freshness last for a long time after each application of the serum. In order to prolong the duration of the lifting effect on facial skin, the latest biotechnological products are used – the peptides. The active ingredients work on the deep layers of the skin and guarantee a lasting effect of firmness, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and key components in the layer connecting the dermis and the epidermis, which is responsible for maintaining optimal skin structure. In addition, the combined preparation is enriched with components which reach deep down into the skin, which nourish the skin with moisture, giving it vitality and preventing inflammations.

the serum should be applied in the morning or the evening. In the event of pronounced signs of aging the preparation can be used twice a day. Apply a small amount of the serum on a clean face and neck and also on the décolletage. After the serum is fully absorbed apply cream.

The active components:
Tripeptid-1, Caprooyl Tetrapeptide-3 – Biomemetic peptides that simulate the activity of the growth factor
Hydrolyzed sesame protein
Sodium hyaluronate
Palmitoyl Tripeptide-8 (Neutrazen)

35 ml


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Multi Peptide Tightening Serum

Multi Peptide Tightening Serum

Peptide Multi Peptide Tightening Serum Renew 35 ml

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