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Name of Herbs of Kedem, translated from Hebrew, means "forward" and "ancient", thus revealing to us the secrets of creating a unique cosmetics Herbs of Kedem, based on a combination of old recipes and modern innovative technologies.

After years of studying the properties of plants growing in the area of ??the Dead Sea, Israeli scientists from Scientific Centre for Regional Studies of the Judean Desert plants, led by a doctor of medicine and biology Amir Kitron, found high concentrations of trace elements beneficial to humans. In this regard, the Ministry of Health of Israel has created a special lab, which eventually evolved into a company Herbs of Kedem.

Cosmetics "Herbs Kedem", Dead Sea and technology.?

Studies are ongoing to this day, led by Dr. Nissim Amzollagom. This allows to create a completely new natural products for the whole body.

Moreover, experts have developed new types of cosmetics based on Dead Sea minerals combined with herbs. This is the first presented in the Natural Cosmetics Kedem.

Currently, the company Herbs of Kedem specializes in making natural cosmetics for skin care, hair care, massage, revitalizing and stimulating preparations, cleansing the body means.

Kedem from Israel on all the world

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Today the brand Herbs of Kedem supplies products to many countries of the world, where it has a well-deserved success at consumers. Composition of assets of natural cosmetics Kedem contain extracts and essences, essential and aromatic oils from plants, each of which has individual healing properties. The great many of natural active ingredients of cosmetics Kedem protects the body from external influences. The action of natural creams, ointments, lotions, massage oils, sprays and other products of brand Herbs of Kedem striking intensity and speed of impact. The therapeutic effect is felt almost immediately. The active ingredients of natural cosmetics for face Kedem penetrating deeply into the skin, correct deficiencies, extracts from plants of the Judean Desert make the skin soft and velvety. Skin becomes more elastic, smooth wrinkles. The use of creams for face natural cosmetics Kedem nourishes the cells with vital energy and refreshes the complexion, stimulates metabolism, neutralize free radicals.

Just Natural ingridients of Kedem? cosmetics

Natural cosmetics Kedem, based on ancient recipes and achievements of modern scientists, protect your body by force of unique herbs of the Judean Desert and Dead Sea minerals, give health, youth and longevity.

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