Safe payment:

DSNcosmetics doesn't collect and doesn't store the information on payment cards and other payment information on the client. All payment requisites are processed by PayPal and its payment service.

Using Visa/Mastercard/Paypal:

paypal paymant for dead sea cosmetics

You can directly use your Bank Card by choosing "Pay By PayPal". Please note you don't need a PayPal Count: PayPal propose you to pay with yout Card. Connect to PayPal and just loffow instructions.

Open Paypal Site on new window.

Pay by Cash/money transfer

MoneyGram paymant for dead sea cosmetics

At registration of the order you can choose a method of payment "pay by MoneyGram". We are not participating? for a comission service.?

You can use MoneyGram services at many well known banks, travel agents, petrol stations, bureaux de change, local retailers and anywhere you see the MoneyGram sign.

To find the address and opening hours of a MoneyGram agent, use? this link.