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Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories, Limited  is an Israel cosmetics company with headquarters in Lod that manufactures skin care products made of mud and mineral-based compounds from the Dead sea. 

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  • Dead Sea Osmoter...

    Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate by AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics

    The line of concentrated Osmoter serums includes salts and trace elements that are mined in the Dead Sea. A well-balanced formula of moisturizing minerals of this natural source promotes the redistribution of nutrients and moisture in the epidermis. Such a composition allows to regulate a number of processes occurring in the skin; regulate the work of cells; repair damage; provide a feeling of comfort. The Osmoter complex is also an excellent conductor for various active substances.

  • Mineral Radiance

    Mineral Radiance by AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics

    Mineral Radiance - a line for those who live in a big city and whose skin is inevitably exposed to increased pollution and stress. Suitable for young skin 25+.

  • Bath

    Bath by AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics

  • Time to Clear

    Time to Clear by AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics

    The cleansing agents of this line can ideally remove contaminants and activate the metabolism in the skin

  • Hair

    Hair by AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics

  • Mineral Botanic

    Mineral Botanic by AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics

    This series of body care products with stunning vegetable recipes and fascinating aromas. Products Ahava Mineral Botanic is enriched with plant extracts of figs, hibiscus, lotus, sweet chestnut, etc. Gentle formulas are gently cleansed, moisturized, nourished, giving the skin a healthy and beautiful appearance.

  • Clineral

    Clineral by AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics

  • Men

    Men by AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics

    Line for men with a unique formula, rich in mineral ingredients of the Dead Sea, extracts of gingobilob and ginseng. They excrete toxins, nourish, moisturize and restore the skin, leaving it smooth, clean, soothing and refreshing.

  • Time to Hydrate

    Time to Hydrate by AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics

    Minerals of the dead sea play a crucial role in maintaining the normal level of skin moisture, contributing to the preservation of the optimum amount of moisture in it.

  • Time to Smooth

    Time to Smooth by AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics

    Nourishing the skin with minerals from the Dead Sea helps slow the aging process, provides long-lasting moisturizing, smooths wrinkles and softens the skin of the face

  • Time to Revitalize

    Time to Revitalize by AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics

    Rejuvenating components of the minerals of the Dead Sea and the tops of the Himalayas, have a significant effect of maintaining youth and skin health. In combination, these components create a powerful anti-aging complex, increasing the strength and returning youthfulness of the skin.

  • Time to Treat

    Time to Treat by AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics

    The "Time to Treat" series provides soothing to the skin and eliminates uncomfortable sensations (redness, tingling, peeling). It is designed for dry sensitive and whimsical skin. All means include the patented formula Phyto Dermud, which is based on dead sea mud, tomato and extracts from plants. Also in the composition of all products of this line there are skin protecting oils of black currant and jojoba.

  • Body

    Body by AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics

  • Beauty Before Age

    Beauty Before Age by AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics

    Beauty Before Age - a series for the skin 50+. The products of the line solve age-related skin problems through the unique Positive Stress ™ technology.

  • Diamond Glow

    Diamond Glow by AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics

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Showing 1 - 12 of 104 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 104 items